Past shows

'Romantic Encounters in A Darkened Room' (2017)

Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh Fringe; Hen & Chickens, London; ETC Theatre, London; Theatre N16, London; Lion & Unicorn Theatre, London; OSO Theatre, London

Written By: Charlie Robb & Douglas Tawn

Starring: Charlie Robb

Directed by: Douglas Tawn

Charlie Robb is just another punk-ass, no-good kid in search of one, maybe three things: love and fulfilment. Through darkly bizarre sketches, unhinged characters and formidable use of multi-media, Charlie tells his frantic story of romantic despair. This is a story told by an enthusiastic idiot via a high-octane, fast-paced, over-hyphenated one man comedy show.


"Quick as lightning...Relentless high energy"

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'Farewell Tim' (2016)

Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh Fringe; Pleasance, Islington

Written & Performed By: Charlie Robb & Sam Knights

Directed by: Douglas Tawn & Hazel Lena

What is it that makes Tim so different from you and I? Apart from being dead, nothing really. And apart from having his life celebrated in an hour of sketches? Whatever, we've all been there. What made Tim tick? Did he even tick? Did he have a tick? All these questions will be answered in this fast-paced narrative sketch show.





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Cambridge Theatre


'L'Escargot' (2015)

Pleasance, Islington; Corpus Playroom, Cambridge

Written & performed By: Charlie Robb & Douglas Tawn

A management consultant with marital issues and a scoutmaster who still lives with his mother are thrown together when their flight from Charles De Gaulle Airport is unexpectedly cancelled, leaving them stranded in Paris with nothing to do. So begins a whirlwind adventure featuring art, peril, burlesque and an array of gallic stereotypes. 

The fun thing about this show is that, when we performed it at the Pleasance Islington, we somehow contrived to miss the last train back to Cambridge, leaving us stranded in London with nowhere to stay.


Needless to say, life imitated art that night. 

'Breaking Down' (2014)

Corpus Playroom, Cambridge

Written & Performed By: Charlie Robb, Douglas Tawn, Jake Spence & Henry Wilkinson

Douglas and Charlie's first ever show together, and boy was it a doozy!


Or was it? We can't remember.


The important thing is that it started an incredibly special and fruitful friendship and creative partnership, set to continue for a great many years to come.


But enough about Jake and Henry! 

STACKS (2015)

STACKS is an online comedy series created by Charlie Robb and Alex Bell, following three students through their lives amongst the stacks of their university library.